Teacup Care Instructions

Teacups require a lot of T.L.C. in the beginning. Due to their tiny size one must take a few extra steps for their care. Remember, they will only mature to four pounds or less. They have a compact, athletic build that is suitable for their lifestyle. In all aspects they are perfectly normal and like any other dog; only for practical reasons they cannot have the speed or strength of a lab. They are amazingly tiny dogs that don’t know how tiny they are.

What are your expectations? If you’re interested in a Teacup due to Hollywood fashion then this is not the dog for you. Smaller isn’t always better. While the cuteness of the Teacup is something that most would choose to die for, it is important for potential Teacup owners to consider if they are ready to put in the long-term effort and commitment required to raise a Teacup. Teacups require more care in the beginning and have a limited life style. You cannot do winter sledding with a Teacup. They are not a young child’s toy. They are all about love, coddle, travel, beauty, training, dress up, and being your shadow, most of the time. Being under foot is a skill they learn in time.

Teacups have a slower growth rate. Ttherefore they are slower to respond to or sensitive to vaccines, wormers, and such. Given this, it is every Teacup owner’s responsibility to acquire the necessary knowledge for taking care of such special little dogs. At OhPuppyLove! weuse homeopathic type treatments for our teacups in addition to conventional treatments. All Information posted here we have found life saving but must be done at your own risk.

Stress Friendly Atmosphere! Now’s the time to bond with your Teacup. The less stress the better. It’s not time to go shopping, to movies, or baseball games, excessive playing, or parties, visiting friends and family…you get the idea. It’s time to allow your Teacup to get acclimated to your home, T.L.C., water, noises, smells, routine…..

Vitamins: Two types for two different reasons. 1.) Nutri cal or similar is for stressful days only such as: new puppy home, shopping, vet visits, vaccines day….Nutri cal -1/8 tsp. twice each day, in the morningand before bed. Or similar Nutri drops both from Revival. 2.) NuVet is for daily maintenance. Powder mix with dry kibble.

Whats to eat, Mom! This highly important. Teacups require food down all the time. And foods that you know they eat. We recommend treats once or twice a day. But, for any delayed housebreaking issues-one can remove food during night with an older puppy (6 months or older) or adult. Otherwise, they need access to food.

Outside of the puppy blended kibble,food should be in small bite-sized proportions to ease chewing and digestion as Teacups have very small teeth. Food should be fresh and any unconsumed food after each meal should be discarded to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs. It is essential that the diet is high quality. This heads off hypoglycemia.

Entice Me to Eat. If your Teacup is balking at his food or not eating well. You’ll need to shift into another gear. Quickly Entice puppy with one or more of the following: Baby Food: Gerber chicken and gravy, faw or cooked turkey or chicken meat. I know the thought of raw meat may sound bad as it did to me for a long time, but after research and experience, it’s really the BEST for your Teacup. Orginally, there were never any dry kibble to buy in the outdoor environment. Raw meat is high in natural antibiotics, great for their teeth, and a dozen other benefits. If any Teacup turns down raw ground meat, there’s something else wrong. If after giving raw meat, Teacup has looser stools, this is temporary. It’s normally caused by the “cleansing effects” the meat has. The body is eliminating the garbage toxic stuff the first few days. Then the stools are healthier after that.

Read the Diet information on the “puppy care” page for ideas of fresh foods for Teacups. Moisten the dry kibble that Teacup is on with hot water diluted with a little chicken broth, just to cover. Let sit 15 minutes in sealed glass container. Serve at room temperature. Store in Refrigerate. Or Gerber chicken sticks (toddler section at local grocery store). Mash and warm. *If puppy is still being fussy. You may need to purchase a large mouth syringe from Fleet Farm or any animal supply store. Blend any of the above food suggestions in blender and hand feed puppy. Puppy should have at least 15 cc of solid foods every 3-4 hrs. Please check with your vet for your size puppy’s food intake amount.

Basic Set Up for them is posted here. However, they can get through most fencing due to their size so add smaller net fences. A baby playpen will due for awhile, but normally not big enough. View the basic puppy set up. This is how Teacups need to continue. Place set up in area where you can see each other. When they are left alone for long periods of time they tend to panic or have separation anxiety. What wasn’t a problem before can quickly become a problem now. Such as with: not eating, over eating, scratching, chewing too much, any virus or bacterial dormant issues can surface then, or barking pattern can develop…they actually calm down when someone or another pet is around. Just the look of you can reduce their stress. Our guys are used to TV music, and playtime at least twice each day.

Housebreaking a Teacup. Did you know?… A shocking statistic was reported! The #1 reason people leave dogs at shelters is due to housebreaking issues.  Have you ever heard that you cannot housebreak a teacup? We think we figured out what the problem is. It’s because conventional methods for housebreaking dogs out there today are for lab or beagle size dogs. Teacups being tiny dogs are different.They literally get lost in space! From their vantage point, there are too many distractions. They see, smell, and find a lot more to do – close to the floor – than we could ever imagine. What if they lose all the space and work from a training “puppy set-up” allowing them to focus just on the basics? Better yet, your puppy is already imprinted with going on open newspapers. Fortunately, we start this routine while their still nursing on mom. Once Mom is gone and they are weaned they still go over to the newspapers. We took their freedom away and they are confined to a large 4×6 size puppy pen. The warmer days allows us to bring them outside. Depending on time of year, some are already going outside on grass or flat gravel-type ground. All you need to do…is continue the pattern. Only now you have the advantage. Having them close by allows you to catch all their behaviors and respond with your reward or punishment system. Although, your puppy from OPL will go on newspapers once you get him, he will be given a larger area in time to be in. He may try to get away with doing whatever he wants. Be a pack leader! Don’t allow any bad behaviors. Puppy is use to the “Empty can with pennies” discipline. Please, incorporate the “reward-punishment methods” you choose. We cover this in “Puppy Care Instructions.”

Housebreaking Locations: Because of their size one can choose from: a closet, attached garage, basement, hallway, laundry room…similar to a kitty litter box situation. Teacup will need a large tray to place newspapers inside, something with side’s all around. There’s furniture now that hides the tray. Locations of Trays or Kittly Litter Type box: Some have used their attached garage w/ a small children’s swimming pool filled with newspapers or sand. Or closet, hallway, laundry room, bathrooms. Never use kitty litter itself. This is poisonous for puppies and especially a Teacup. Outdoors is fine. To start, take their soiled newspapers outside and secure it down with rocks/brick. Take Teacup to this area often with reward treat. Caution: rain, strong winds, and zero degree weather with snow. Rain can be messy. Did you know a strong wind can blow your Teacup away?! Not off into the sky, but enough to cause injuries. In winter their little lungs cannot take much of that. Some do take Teacup outdoors to a warmed area with simple light bulb. Or a low to the ground heat lamp, in a snow shoveled area. Straw/hay on ground may also help.

“Fashion 101” Choose washable cotton mostly fabrics. This material is good year round. One may need sheep’s wool for winter. There’s nothing warmer. We have used “all wool” socks. We cut off the toes part for their head, make 4 legs or just leave cover over back to tail. Be careful the Teacup clothes are safe, and they can walk, run….easily in them without getting caught up or tangled in the clothes. Scarves are fun and easy. Just make sure they are loose enough around neck.

“Travel tote-bag 101” Teacup puppy dog will be in tow with you often. Start off by getting Teacup ready for this type of travel. This is to help get puppy ready for travel in a purse and feel good about it. A large washable canvas bag w/ toys or food inside is a great start. Teacup needs to learn the “tote manners” while in public from early on. So, while in Tote, Do not allow any barking or crying…quiet is important for many public places. Practice at home often, before going out. Also, we like petote.com for safe, and the best made totes ever. For hygiene purposes, it is recommended that the adult Teacup be given a bath at least once a month, but every other month is fine too. In between bath times, one can give a spritz half bath…Check grooming instruction on the “puppy care” page. Hygiene is necessary especially in warmer countries where inadequate levels of hygiene would leave the Teacup prone to hygiene related illnesses and fleas. In fact, it is recommended that in such places, the Teacups be given bathes on a more frequent basis. If Teacup is sleeping with you, one must decide the level of cross contamination  upon the Teacup activity. Are they outside more, exposed to more bacterial or viral illnessess, or doggie parks where Teacup can be exposed to fleas. Note: *Care should be taken to prevent water from entering the ears as this would often lead to infection.

Spay / Neuter is best done when Teacup is much older (10 months and up) and past the first heat cycle for females. The first cycle is slight, scanty, pinkish blood and little swollen. For some it’s totally unnoticed. The second heat is full strength, more red blood flow. After first heat and more towards 10 months – 1yr of age. This is better for teacup and vets. Teacup has had a chance to grow strong and has mature lungs…. Facts show that at times Vets may have a challenging time regulating the anesthesia gas. We had one vet give too much anesthesia gas (in our opinion), resulting in fatality of some Mommy females after C sections. But vets have done many teacups or ferrets without problems. Ask your vet if he/she is use to doing Teacups, kittens, or ferrets.
Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar) Education and Proven methods to avoid Hypoglycemia before it even thinks of happening. Hypoglycemia can occur mainly between 2-6 months of age. Generally, with less than four pound  puppies, and rare but can include five to eight pound puppies. The teacups are the ones to be concerned with.

Most common things that can bring on Hypoglycemia:

sickness or injuries

missing any meals

Stress good & bad from: cold turkey type fast change of foods, travel, noises, too much play…

poor quality puppy food

chilled after baths

having a digestive upset

use of dewormers, vaccines, similar conventional or herbal meds

use of flea shampoo, collars, powders, drops…spay or neutering day

vet or grooming visits

One or more of these can bring on a low sugar state in puppy. These upsets place an added strain on the energy reserves of the liver and bring in symptoms of hypoglycemia. That can lead to sudden death. But, can be prevented!

Hypoglycemia signs to watch for are:

Muscular weakness


fainting with eyes open

wobbly legs


listlessness and depression


pale white gums

loss of coordination and falling (like being drunk)

weak, wobbly, jerky

Prevention: Here’s the thing. Plan ahead. >Always leave out puppy’s food and add treats 1-2x day. *can leave out a tiny bowl of children’s breakfast cereal like cheerio’s or similar. It’s a sugary snack. Feed a high carbohydrate, high-protein, high fat diet found in DYNE from Revival. It is essential that the diet is high quality. >Always avoid situations that could bring on low sugar levels for now. Let Puppy get acclimated.>Always use spiked water till puppy is older.

Choose one that works for you from the following.

1 tbs.karo syrup per gal water. Electrolyte water
Vi-tal water (from Fleet Farm) powder: 1/4 tsp. per gal. water
>Always give nutri cal (from Revival) or similar 2x day. am and before bed.
>Always make sure puppy has the nutri cal (from Revival) given before any wormers, vaccines, vet or
groomer day….
Keeping Teacup on the spiked water alone already heads off Hypoglycemia. But, we figure the “just
in case” for whatever reason if Teacup happens to surprise us we need to be prepared. OPL’s Hypoglycemia Emergency Care
Give 1/4-1/2 Diabetic Glucose Tablet crushed along w/ 1cc water. Mix and syringe in puppy’s mouth. If this is not available, then give a little honey, or maple syrup. Dosages are hard depending size. But, 1/4 tsp. or 1cc. for a start is good. You should get immediate result. Puppy will be normal again within 15 minutes or so. Gums should be pink. Keep this remedy around, like in the glove compartment in car with your puppy’s first aid kit. Call Vet if you have to. Puppy may bounce back and get up to play shortly after treatment. If not,if puppy is down and not getting up, you need to be on your way to vet. Apply glucose asap. Puppy needs to get to vet asap. Vet may need to give a Dextrose solution intravenous drip.

Thank You for letting us share our Teacup Care with you. We are open to any suggestions that you may have found helpful.

Please contact Jenni  920-834-2028   ohpuppylove@yahoo.com


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